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Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.

Initial release: April 10, 2019 (Indonesia) Trending
Director: Neil Marshall
Based on: Hellboy; by Mike Mignola
Production companies: Lionsgate, Dark Horse Entertainment
Producers: Lloyd Levin, Lawrence Gordon, Mike Richardson

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We need to finish this trilogy,” Ron Perlman said back in September 2015. Fans were overjoyed when Perlman was cast as the half-demon who fights for the good of mankind. With monster groupie Guillermo del Toro on as director, the Hellboy franchise looked in good hands.

But turning that third film into a reality proved to be too much of an uphill battle, with just not enough bums on seats for the first two to justify it.

This being Hollywood, when one door closes another opens and that allowed director Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent and the Game of Thrones episode ‘Blackwater’) to get his reboot off the ground.

Devour everything you need to know about Big Red’s 2019 reboot below and then head to the Digital Spy forums to have your say.


the new Hellboy by way of David Harbour — stands at its center, examining the dead body of the Osiris Club’s resident seer, Lady Hatton (Sophie Okonedo).

Instead of familiar franchise faces like Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman, the beast of the apocalypse is now flanked by Major Ben Daimio (Daniel Dae Kim), a scarred B.P.R.D. agent with the lycan-like ability to transform into a were-jaguar, and Alice Monaghan (Sasha Lane), dubbed by Daimio as “a human ouija board” ready to commune with spirits.

“You may want to leave, Major. This kind of thing isn’t very pretty,” Hellboy warns, shortly before a blood-curdling shriek heralds the arrival of Hatton’s ghost, hovering in a spectral white haze above the pentagram etched in the floor.

Fans of Guillermo del Toro’s two Hellboy movies may think they’ll bow out, too, because this isn’t like the Ron Perlman era of the antihero. But that’s also why director Neil Marshall welcomed the challenge of doing something completely different with this comic book material — something R rated.

“I’ve been attached to this for over two years, maybe even longer now that we’re talking about it,” Marshall says after a long day of shooting the Hollywood reboot in Bulgaria. “I was first approached about the possibility of doing a Hellboy 3 and my response to that was, ‘Well, that’s somebody else’s terrain and I don’t want to step on that turf. But if you were thinking of doing a reboot at anytime, I’d love to do that.’ So a little bit of time passed and it became more apparent that [the producers] wanted to do a reboot.”

Perlman gained a devout following from playing “Big Red” in Del Toro’s films, and ever since 2008, when Hellboy II: The Golden Army came out, the filmmaker repeated hopes for a planned trilogy. But Hollywood is a fickle mistress and the stars never aligned. By 2017, Del Toro confirmed a third movie would “100 percent” not happen. Based on comments by Perlman, there seem to be sore feelings about it.

Hellboy 3  Full Movie Watch

Hellboy 3  Full Movie Download

“I felt like we owed the fans closure, and there were too many people moving in too many other directions and I just couldn’t pull it off,” Perlman told Collider Live last November. “So if you ask me about it, it’s kind of still an open wound.”

Now this new Hellboy, the one screaming at ghosts in his adopted father’s chamber, is the herald of a reboot for the franchise, one that signals a darker take that’s much closer in style to Mignola’s comics. According to producer Lloyd Levin, who’s been involved with Hellboy since the first 2004 film, a reboot was their only option as the continuation of the franchise fell on Del Toro.


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