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Young Mia’s life gets turned upside down when her family decides to leave London to manage a farm in South Africa. When a beautiful white lion named Charlie is born, the 10-year-old finds happiness once again as she develops a special bond with the growing cub. When Mia uncovers a secret that puts Charlie in danger, she sets out on an incredible journey to her beloved friend.

Initial release: December 26, 2018 (France)
Director: Gilles de Maistre
Music composed by: Armand Amar
Producer: Jacques Perrin
Languages: French, English

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“I’m going to get you to somewhere safe… and then you’ll be free.” A new official US trailer has debuted for the charming adventure Mia and the White Lion, which was first released last year in France under the title Mia et le lion blanc – since it’s made by a French filmmaker, though the dialogue is mostly in English. The story is about a young girl from London who moves to Africa with her parents where she befriends a white lion cub. After the lion grows up, she decides to set out on a journey across the South African savanna in search of another land where Charlie can live out his life in freedom. Daniah De Villiers stars as Mia, with a full cast including Mélanie Laurent, Langley Kirkwood, Ryan Mac Lennan, Lionel Newton, Lillian Dube, and Brandon Auret. This was shot at the Welgedacht Reserve in South Africa, and filming took place over three years to make the story feel even more authentic.


The film Mia and the White Lion made the atmosphere of the cinema look deserted, even though the audience seats were full, but all seemed serious to get a moment to enjoy the storyline.

Yes, more than just friendship shows between humans and animals. This film elevates the privilege of loyalty, sacrifice and sincerity. No matter how many animals can feel the sincerity of love from their employers. So that makes the audience carried away by emotion.

Actually this kind of story has been adapted a lot, like Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009), Dolphin Tale (2011), Air Bud (1997), and many more. However, the advantages of this film are not only raising the closeness of animals and their employers who become good friends are inseparable, but provide lessons about the protection of wild animals in the international.

The audience is made to think and repeat the scene in the head while watching this film, in order to be able to digest and understand the storyline and causes and effects that occur in this film.

Another uniqueness that deserves to be thumbs up is the film’s storyline that is shown on small main characters to teenagers using the same players and animals.

The film Mia and the White Lion was made 3 years and used the same animals throughout the film shooting process. For information, this film only has 7 core players, recorded from May 2015 to December 2017.

With the main character of a young girl from South Africa who is already familiar with lions, Daniah de Villiers, was deliberately chosen to compete with wild animals.
Not only that, Owen’s family chemistry consisted of Mélanie Laurent as mother, Langley Kirkwood as father, and Ryan Mac Lennan as Mick (Mia’s sister) felt warm because it was built for 3 years to get chemistry as a family.

The audience will also be brought to the color and background of the films Mia and the White Lion similar to the atmosphere of the film The Lion King (1994) or The Jungle Book (2016). So that it feels more real and takes part in adventuring through this film.

This French film can be an alternative for family time on weekends. While realizing that as wild as wild animals, will be subdued also by love. They also deserve to be treated like humans and deserve to live in the wild.

This film is suitable for watching for families, couples to work colleagues or school friends. Because not a few families and couples seem to feel the story happens a lot in real life and gives a good moral message.

Let’s watch Mia and the White Lion film, the story of human and animal friendship in the closest cinema in your city.

Touching human and animal friendship, beautifully illustrated in the film Mia and the White Lion . As the title suggests, the film tells the story of a daughter’s friendship with a white lion.

The story of Mia and the White Lion begins after the main character Mia (Daniah De Villiers), has to leave London, England, following her parents who manage a lion farm in South Africa. Mia, who was only 11 years old, was sad and often couldn’t control her emotions because she lived a different life. Mia became excited after her father brought a newborn white lion. This lion is named Charlie. Charlie makes Mia ‘ move on’from the sadness of leaving London. Mia’s days are spent playing with Charlie. Unfortunately this happiness does not last forever. Charlie is getting bigger and considered to be dangerous if still living in the home area. Three years later, Mia’s mistakes made her father intend to sell Charlie. Mia also committed deeds, she and Charlie ran away from the farm.
Watching Mia and the White Lion , you will be swept away in the warmth of the relationship between Charlie and Mia. The production team called the interaction between humans and lions in the film made without special effects or CGI. It takes three years for production, according to the time span in the film. A long production period made Daniah De Villiers and other players adapt to Charlie.

Mia and the White Lion Full Movie Watch

Mia and the White Lion Full Movie Download

Director Gilles De Maistre is good at choosing a shooting angle so he gets Charlie’s ‘expression’ that fits the film’s storyline needs. The wife of Gilles De Maistre, Prune De Maistre acted as scriptwriter. He was inspired to write stories after visiting a lion farm in South Africa.
A sense of amazement – sometimes horrified to remember lions including wild animals -, I endured feeling when I watched Mia and the White Lion . Although under professional supervision, there was a sense of tension when he saw Charlie, especially in conditions that were already large interacting with players. Daniah De Villiers gave rise to expressions that were both bold and sincere, which became the strength of this film. Moment of rebellion while still adapting to the new environment, also when refusing to be separated from Charlie, brought De Villiers neatly.

Mia and the White Lion , also have dominant family conflicts. Relations between parents and children, husband and wife, to brother and sister neatly divided. Unfortunately not all are explored neatly. If it is not explained through dialogue, you might not feel if there is a struggle that is being passed by Mick (Ryan Mac Lennan), Mia’s sister. Likewise Mia’s efforts to defend Charlie, which up to excessive to John (Langley Kirkwood), his father. Presumably Mia and the White Lion are more focused on campaigning for caring for animals, without being impressed like documentaries or patronizing.

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